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El Chaltén

About El Chaltén

A young tourist village in Patagonia, at the foot of the unmistakable hill Chaltén or Fitz Roy. It is known worldwide as the Argentine Capital of Trekking for its multiple options for mountain sports in a natural setting like no other.

Its name is due to the mythical mountain that stands out from the rest of the peaks that surround it. Chaltén is a term of the aonikenk language with which the ancient Tehuelches named this mountain they considered sacred.


Its meaning is a smoky mountain, because that is the impression it gives when the clouds clump together with the wind at its top.

On January 12, 2015, El Chaltén was declared "National Capital of Trekking." In this way, the extraordinary combination of elements that only occur in El Chaltén for mountain sports is officially recognized and valued.